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The things you DON’T need to do to enhance your health and well-being


Do you feel constantly bombarded with all the things you should be doing, buying and taking to improve your health and well-being?

It can be overwhelming trying to find your way through all the conflicting health and wellness advice that’s out there sometimes hey!

It’s hard to know where to start.  And it can cause stress to try and fit it all in when you do narrow it down to what interests you.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and remember something that’s so often overlooked.  It can’t be patented, branded and sold for a profit … so most advertising never mentions it ...

Are you curious about meditation but not sure it’s for you, or apprehensive to go along to a course?


Not sure what to expect and wondering if it’ll just be a bunch of weirdos … chanting, oming, wearing funny clothes, or fill in the blank _____?

I get where you’re coming from because over the years I’ve been meditating I’ve certainly come across people like this.  I know it can be very off-putting and there can often be something very fake and unauthentic about them.

As with all things in life though, there are different types and styles of meditation and different people drawn to all of them.  And none of them are immune to fake and inauthentic people that you want to steer clear of! ...

Are you always busy being busy and don’t know how to get off the treadmill?


I know that feeling well and particularly remember it from my 5 ½ years selling real estate in my family’s business.  I had never ending to-do lists and was always available.  There was never enough time to get it all done and I constantly felt like I was somehow pushing against time.  My full days off were few and usually never in a row.  Then when I did have time off my nervous system still felt wired and I didn’t feel truly relaxed.  I also felt disconnected from the deeper parts of me somehow.

I started to realise that although there were many outside demands causing me to be busy, my internal wiring seemed to now be habitually in the mode of busyness.  I realized I was busy being busy!

Do you know that feeling?  Have you ever wondered the same thing?  What came first … the chicken or the egg? ...

Want to learn to meditate? ... but think your mind is too busy?


I first began meditating nearly 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.  It was foundational in helping me get well and has continued to be a great support for me.

Over the years I have heard this from people all the time …
‘I tried meditating once but I couldn’t stop my thoughts’
• ‘I can’t meditate.  My mind is way too busy’
• ‘I would like to meditate but don’t have time’

Does this sound like you? ...

How to Grow Alfalfa Sprouts with a Nut Milk Bag


Step by Step Photo Guide

I recently met Tracy who works at the lovely Corrynne’s Soap Factory here in Dunsborough.  She is a big fan of using the Living Synergy Nut Milk Bags to grow sprouts in.

She has kindly taken some photos and shared her method with us …

How to make Almond Milk & other nut milks fresh at home


Almond milk and other nut milks are becoming very popular on the supermarket shelves these days.

Many people buying the cartons don’t realise how easy it is to make fresh at home from just nuts and water. That means all the other ingredients on the label are added extras…

How to make activated nuts & seeds


The activated nuts & seeds you buy in the shops can be quite expensive, but they are very easy to make at home.

All you need is some water and a bowl if you are going to eat them straight away (with the exception of almonds which will keep without becoming bitter for a few days in the fridge after soaking), but if you would like to store them for longer, then a dehydrator is also required ...

Berry pear ginger beet smoothie recipe


Inspired by one I got from Organic on Charles in North Perth…

What’s a blended salad?


Most people have heard of a green smoothie these days.  That’s where you blend fruit and greens to make a delicious and sweet smoothie that goes down a treat.

But what do you do when you want something similar but more savory?

Blended salads are the answer, or they can also be known as savory vege stews and energy soups, among other things ...

Making Green Juice with a Nut Milk Bag in the Thermomix demo


You can use your Nut Milk Bag to make Green Juice using a blender.  Learn how to do it in the fabulous Thermomix.  Also hear what my family has to say about Green Juice.  For further info about the Living Synergy Nut Milk Bags click here.

Introducing Green Smoothies and quick links to learn more


Green Smoothies are a fabulous way to get more greens into your diet.  They are made by blending fruit, green leaves and water ...

One of the simpliest, easiest and cheapest ways to support your health


Today I thought I would remind you of something that is often forgotten and overlooked.  It is one of the most simple, easy and cheap ways in which you can support your health, improve your well-being and help create a feeling of balance and calm.  It’s as simple as drinking lots of good quality water ...