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Do you know you can make milk from nuts and seeds?


Now you can do this quickly and easily at home with the Living Synergy Nut Milk Bag!

It is a handy tool that helps you make fresh, living and nutritious milk from a variety of nuts and seeds.  You can also use it to make juice from fresh ingredients, by blending and then straining the juice through the bag. 

Otherwise using them where you would normally use cheesecloth or muslin in cooking is becoming very popular too.  They are a wonderful accessory for a Thermomix, Vitamix or other powerful blenders and kitchen appliances.

Living Synergy Nut Milk Bags are high quality, good sized, fine meshed, strong, durable, easy to clean and quick drying.

Made from food grade polyester.

RRP $17.95 including colour instruction and recipe booklet

Living Synergy Nut Milk Bags are now available to buy from selected stores around Australia.  Please support your local stores.

Back to the nut/seed milk … 3 easy steps is all it takes ...



3 easy steps compilation


Use the fresh nut milk for smoothies, soups, chia pudding, over granola, raw ice-cream or anywhere else you would normally use milk.

Compared to the nut milk available in the supermarket, it is a far more nutritious option, full of life force and has NO preservatives, NO additives and NO mystery sweetners ... and it's cheaper and so easy to make too!

Many people also find the Nut Milk Bags very useful for making their daily juice.  It is quick and easy and the clean up is more simple than many juicers.

Get your Nut Milk Bag today and try it for yourself.


Here's what some of our many happy customers have to say ...


‘Jen’s Nut Milk Bags are the best I've found.  Very easy to use, easy to wash, high quality and long lasting.  I highly recommend them for squeezing the pulp out of nut and coconut milks, rice milk, oat milk, chia milk, and even for taking the pulp out of juices if you prefer your juice without all the fibre.’

Jo Whitton - Quirky Cooking, - Queensland



'I made the almond milks on stage at the expo ... it was very cool using your bags.  I love the fact that they are sturdy, wash well and dry fast.  People were amazed how easy it was to make their own milks!  I will recommend yours to people as they are the best I have used.'

Teresa Cutter - The Healthy Chef, - Sydney



'I have used my Nut Milk Bag hundreds of times and it's still going strong.  So thank you!'

Amy O'Brien, - Perth




'Your Nut Milk Bags are the best.  I have been through so many before.  Yours are much finer and don't ladder.  I love them!'

Georgia Lienemann, - Sydney

Milly Dawson



'Loving the Nut Milk Bags, they are seriously great!'

Milly Dawson, The Healthy Cocktail, - Newcastle

'I just wanted to say that I received my nut milk bag and I am so impressed!  Straining was such a tedious job with muslin and now it literally takes a minute.'

Kristen van Oostveen - Victoria


'I originally bought the Living Synergy nut bag just to make almond milk but have found it has many other uses.  I've also been finding it great to strain fruit and vegetable juice made in my Thermomix (for my very fussy son).

The other day I used it to squeeze the excess moisture out of the zucchini I was using to make potato and zucchini fritters!  It's really easy to use, easy to rinse clean and dries super fast.  Thank you!'

Lisa Munro, - Perth



Celebrities who have been spotted with a Living Synergy Nut Milk Bag ...

Pro Surfer Taj Burrow gets a lesson in making almond milk
from his trainer Johnny Gannon

Pete Evans the Chef visited Living Synergy retreat
to pick up his Nut Milk Bag some time ago and has just used one in his up and coming TV health series

Pro Surfer Kelly Slater is an almond milk lover and was
very happy to receive his Nut Milk Bag

Lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder getting educated
on what a Nut Milk Bag is



RRP $17.95 including colour instruction and recipe booklet



Living Synergy Nut Milk Bags are now available to buy from selected stores around Australia.  Please support your local stores.

If you can't get to one of the stockists above you can buy directly from Living Synergy



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