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The things you DON’T need to do to enhance your health and well-being

Do you feel constantly bombarded with all the things you should be doing, buying and taking to improve your health and well-being?

It can be overwhelming trying to find your way through all the conflicting health and wellness advice that’s out there sometimes hey!

It’s hard to know where to start.  And it can cause stress to try and fit it all in when you do narrow it down to what interests you.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and remember something that’s so often overlooked.  It can’t be patented, branded and sold for a profit … so most advertising never mentions it.

That is … we already have the most amazing in-built self-healing ability that’s constantly working so hard for us 24x7.  It’s free and we don’t even have to leave the house to get it.  It doesn’t require any effort on our part either!

So much of what we DO everyday puts a burden and stress on our system and our poor bodies have to work extra hard just to keep up with all the digestion, cleansing and rebalancing (on all levels of our being), that’s required to keep us alive.

When you look at it this way, it’s often what we DON’T do, that can give us the greatest improvement in overall health and well-being.  When we take the burden off our system, deeper healing and revitalisation can naturally occur.

It’s a great place to start, especially when you feel confused … not to mention time, energy and money poor.

Our inner guidance system and intuition already knows what’s not supportive to our well-being.  But it’s up to us to tune in and listen … and then most importantly, stop doing the things that we know are not good for us … when we are ready of course ;)

This can be hard I know!  But it can also be a big relief to realise we don’t necessarily need to DO all those things that we might think we do.

Meditation & mindfulness works by supporting our natural healing ability.  It allows us to deeply rest, relax, release stress on all levels and restore our well-being.  It’s what we are NOT DOING when we meditate that allows deep healing and transformation to occur naturally.

We ALLOW it to happen, rather than DO something to try and make it happen.

Meditation also helps us tune in and listen more deeply to our intuition and inner-guidance system.

This then helps us get clearer and clearer on what isn’t supportive for us … which will naturally open the way to make better choices about what we can DO to enhance our health and well-being.

For example, the common denominator in most of the healthier diets out there is what they leave out …  ie. what you DON’T eat.  Generally they all leave out processed food and move more in a direction of whole, fresh food.

It makes it a lot simpler when you can see this bigger picture.

I run 6 week Meditation & Mindfulness for Everyday Life courses each term.  You can learn more about the course, including a list of what’s covered each week, plus get a better feel for me and the atmosphere of my courses here.

You will know if it resonates with you, and if so, I would love you to join me for my next round of courses xx

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