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One of the simpliest, easiest and cheapest ways to support your health

Today I thought I would remind you of something that is often forgotten and overlooked.  It is one of the most simple, easy and cheap ways in which you can support your health, improve your well-being and help create a feeling of balance and calm.  It’s as simple as drinking lots of good quality water.

We are made up of over 70% water and it is a vital ingredient in maintaining our bodily functions.  For starters it is a wonderful vehicle for diluting and then transporting toxic waste out of our body.  Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger and in this situation a big glass of water will satisfy far more than a snack, which is often dehydrating at the same time.  Being mindful of this can be a simple way to drop some excess weight and help your system rid your body of unwanted toxins.

I like big 500ml glasses to drink from, and it makes it easier to drink more water during the day if you have large glasses and especially if you start your day with one when you first wake up.  Adding a little fresh lemon juice is very alkalising as well.

Remember also that coffee is not a substitute for water as it is actually dehydrating and requires more volume of water than was in the cup of coffee, just to replace what was lost from drinking it.

Be aware of where your water has come from and what ‘extras’ you are ingesting with it.   There are many good filtration systems that can improve the quality of our tap water.  A good quality filter is well worth the investment.  Try to avoid drinking water from plastic bottles that are not safe, especially when they have been left in the sun.  A better option is a stainless steel container and you can now get them with inbuilt filters to take on the go with you.

When eating, choose water rich foods such as raw fruit and vegetables.  Fresh juices are also very hydrating and can be a meal in themselves.

The pathways for communication within us are electrically and chemically driven.  Good hydration is required to maintain these functions at an optimal level and indeed to support an overall coherence within our system.  Providing a medium for the messages to get through is a fundamental foundation and a good place to start to improve your well-being NOW.  Cheers!