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Meditation/Mindfulness 3 week 'Dadirri' special series  •  June 4th, 11th & 18th

7pm - 7.45pm  @  Mind Body Heart studio Wembley

$15 per session

Inspired by my recent trip to NT on a Dadirri Connection Tour with Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr, I was reminded of the power of simply sitting together in still, quiet awareness and having a yarn.  Allowing whatever arises to unfold.  Whether that just be silence and/or interaction.  Simple.  Powerful.  Ordinary.  Extraordinary.  Real.  Alive.  Connected.  Whole.  Profound.

The invitation put out by the elders of the Nauiyu, Daly River community where the tour was held, was ‘come … please come … sit with us’.

My invitation now to you is ‘come … please come … sit with me’.  While the city is far away from such remote communities and the magic country they belong to, I’ve been inspired to do what I can to share an appreciation of this special gift that Miriam-Rose and her Indigenous Culture has to offer us.  Miriam-Rose's vision is big and this is the foundation in allowing deep healing and connection within us all and between us all.

I’d love to get a group together for another visit to their community in the future.  But for now please join me in the city and we’ll share in this special experience together.

The experience itself is the teacher and I’ll just be there to be a part of it, and guide the way.  We’ll sit in silence to begin with, then have some time for interaction as, and when, it naturally unfolds.  Everyone is welcome whether this is all new to you or not.  The session will allow any questions you may have to come up.  But as mentioned, often the experience itself does the best teaching that’s required.  Miriam-Roses's classic response to some questions about 'Dadirri' during our tour was 'isn't this enough?'.

The atmosphere will be relaxed, friendly, easy going and open.

Come to one or all three sessions.

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Yoga mats, cushions, bolsters and chairs are available to make you comfortable

If you have any questions please click here to contact Jen


0418 935 226

Booking is not required, just turn up on the night


Pay with cash or credit card (visa or mastercard) at the session