Reboot Your Life - Joe Cross

With the release of his film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Joe has been inspiring millions of people to embrace the transformative power of juicing and 'reboot' their lives.  If you want to lose weight, get off medication and generally improve your health, fitness and well-being, then look no further.

To begin with, I can highly recommend watching this entertaining, informative and amazing film.  You can purchase the DVD from Living Synergy, or watch if for free on youtube. 

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Joe's website has been created to provide guidance and support for those wishing to then do a Reboot program themselves.  Learn more about the 'Reboot Long Weekend', 'Reboot Express', 'Reboot Quick Start', 'Reboot Classic' and 'Reboot Plus Dinner' and see which one suits you.

Do it at home or in Dunsborough at a Living Synergy Immersion Lifestyle retreat ... this is just what the Living Synergy retreat is set up to offer ... the film is a perfect introduction to what it's all about.  Check it out and be inspired.  As Joe says ... 'juice on!'