Here's what people have had to say about the 6 week Meditation & Mindfulness for Everyday Life course Jen is now offering in Perth and regional WA ...

Hi Jenny. Thank you for your guidance and help on my recent course on Mindfulness and Meditation with you. I had experienced your power to help me to regain what I would call, 'my centre' before (ten years ago my youngest sister died suddenly, and I found that I couldn’t speak about it or explain to people what had happened, and with massage and mindfulness, Jen helped me to regain focus and ‘my centre’ and do what needed to be done). On the course Jen was an active listener in regard to what it was that we hoped to achieve from the course. She always related back to participants each session, retaining our individual perspectives and goals, and guided us through accordingly. I had read books about meditation which were quite prescriptive and I didn’t feel that 'true' meditation was possible for me, as it seemed unattainable because of many distractions. The most liberating aspect of Jen’s guidance was the proposition that, 'there is no right way or wrong way'. And then further guidance from there. The course has helped me to unclutter and sort my anxieties by giving me a contemplative space to go to and attain perspective and relative peace. Thank you so much Jenny for these great gifts.
Noreen, Perth

What an enlightening and thorough course! Jen has both incredible knowledge and so much passion without being overwhelming. She takes pride in making each individual's experience somewhat personalised while creating a warm and welcoming group space to explore mindfulness and meditation together. I have taken so much away from this course and am so grateful to have discovered it. Thanks so much Jen! :)
Emily, Perth

Jen knows her stuff and creates a Mindfulness & Meditation course which embraces both theory and practice. I need both to understand the theory behind the experience. She provides weekly handouts and valuable links. Highly recommended.
Ailsa, Perth

'I recently enrolled in one of Jen Keenan’s meditation courses and I am so glad I did!  It was enlightening, fun and I am reaping the benefits on a daily basis.  Jen is a wonderful, engaging teacher and is very conversant with her subject.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a rewarding experience.'
Wendy, Perth

Thank you Jen - I feel I have the tools to better deal with stress and I am more connected to my body.  I am so glad that I took the time out to come along to your classes during the most stressful part of my course.  I loved how relaxed and light I felt after meditating.  Thanks again.
Rose, Perth

I loved your course Jen, you are a natural.
Suz, Perth

Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your meditation experience with me and how much I enjoyed the course, I’ve learnt a lot from you over the time I’ve known you and practice some of these things most days, whether it’s meditating, healthy eating, lifestyle changes or simply a little stretching and lovely long walks.  I would recommend your meditation course to anyone looking to find their “flow”.  Your energy and ability to share it is quite exemplary and I feel very privileged to know you.
Pam, Perth

Thank you again for the 6 weeks shared together Jen.  Loved the experience and am looking forward to continuing with more classes in the New Year.  I have noticed a 'shift' within me, not quite sure how else to describe the sensation but definitely a shift has taken place.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience.
Zoe, Perth

Jen, I agree, I have gained much more in doing the course a second time.  The insight  I experienced this time was that of a profound understanding of what meditation is about.  It's taken me to another level again.  I've been searching for the experience of stillness within and the feeling of serenity which I feel I'm closer to than I was 6 months ago.  I'm loving the experience and I can only say that without your guided direction, your gently manner and intelligent approach, I would not be where I am today in practicing meditation.  I'll certainly be returning to see where your teaching takes me next.
Zoe, Perth

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you Jen for your amazing Living Synergy meditation and mindfulness course I attended last year. Your gentle guidance and genuine and honest way of sharing your natural wisdom of what meditation and mindfulness is has really helped me gain new insights and tools to help me develop and enhance my own unique and natural practice that has made such a positive effect on my life. The practice of meditation and mindfullness in your course each week with yourself and a lovely group of like minded people from all walks of life has made it much easier to make this a part of my daily life. I really enjoyed and benefited from hearing and learning from others questions and experiences in the group too. I can remember how you made everyone attending feel very relaxed and at ease and the beautiful space you ran the course in. I'm so happy you've made this course available in Perth. I'm very grateful for your continued guidance and I look forward to having more opportunities to recommend other like minded people to your wonderful course. Many thanks.
Lisa, Perth

Our six week course learning to meditate with Jen is over.  I have got so much out of it even though I wasn’t sure I would.  Nothing to do with Jen, just that I find it difficult to just sit and do ‘nothing’ – or what appears to be nothing.  I always thought you had to empty your mind to meditate which is why I’ve never really gotten into it, as that just doesn’t happen for me.

Jen taught us a technique to just focus on the breath, for example, and be in the present moment so that we can watch thoughts come and go – and remain non-judgmental.  It has worked so well for me on many levels but particularly recently when I had some challenging emotions to deal with.  Meditation really helped.  It’s an interesting phenomenon and I would really recommend you try Jen’s course and see for yourself.
Abbe, Perth

Susan Famularo
Byron Bay, New South Wales

I have known Jen for close to 15 years now and my relationship with her has always been one that is refreshingly insightful and real.

Her approach to her work continues to come from an inner depth of her own intuition and knowing and I always take delight in connecting and being with her.

All my love Susan Famularo
PhD Hygenic Doctor RN



Susan is an Australian raw food pioneer who conducts fasting/detox and healthy lifestyle programs in Byron Bay.  A gorgeous friend and wealth of wisdom to me.

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Fred Bisci
New York

I had the pleasure of staying with Jenny in 2009 while I was on my Australian tour.  I think it's just fabulous what she has created in Dunsborough.

Her retreat is an ideal environment to get started and continue on 'Your Healthy Journey'.  Dunsborough is a delightful town with lots going for it also.

I think Jenny is a real sweetheart and has much to offer people.  I am in regular contact with her and know she has done her own research and learnt from her own experiences which is very valuable.

I wish her all the best and can highly recommend a stay at Living Synergy.

Her Nut Milk Bags are very good quality and a handy tool for all healthy kitchens.


Fred Bisci is now in his late 80's and has been living on a raw food diet for over 50 years.  He has worked with over 35,000 people teaching them that what they leave out is the secret.

He is available for private consultations either in-person, over the phone or skype.

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Pam Herron

Running a busy real estate office and working from early morning to late at night, 6 maybe 7 days a week and still managing to go out 4 or 5 times a week finally took its toll.  I was feeling tired, sluggish, forcing myself to keep going and despairing about how to break the pattern.  Fortunately I remembered Jen's retreat - Living Synergy, just in time.  With a busy work schedule I knew a 3 day "Dip Your Toe In" just before Christmas was all I could justify doing but I knew that wouldn't be enough so I took a deep breath and booked a week.

After 2 days off coffee, alcohol and processed food, the detox kicked in and I felt terrible but by day 4, I was feeling partly alive and by day 6, I was jumping out of my skin. The juice fast for a couple of days was easier than I thought, and learning about the health benefits of "green juice" and "green smoothies" was enlightening. I learnt to combine the juices with eating raw food and how to prepare some delicious dishes.

Back home for a few days and I haven't touched coffee, alcohol, bread, wheat or dairy. I'm not missing it and whilst I'm not planning to live a completely virtuous lifestyle, there are many things now that I intend to keep in my new plan and hopefully next time I do a Living Synergy retreat, the caffeine headache wont last as long!!

Jen was a perfect host, allowing me to live her life with her, to learn and to be included in daily rituals such as yoga, walking on the beach or just doing as I pleased such as reading and sleeping.

The retreat is on a hill overlooking the ocean and provides an ideal place to unwind, detox and get everything in perspective.

Oh, I forgot to mention my clothes are a bit looser and my skin feels fabulous.

Thank you Jen and I cant wait to visit again next year.

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Julie Holmes
Hong Kong

Thank you Jen for an amazing week of juices, yoga, educational lessons on food and great family cooking ideas!  I feel fantastic with loads of energy and a glow inside and out!

It's now 3 weeks since I left your gorgeous retreat and I am very proud to say I am making the juices each day for myself and my family. We all feel terrific!


Kristen Laird
Perth, Western Australia

Thank you for a wonderful, life changing weekend.  I learnt so much and have been able to easily put it all into practise upon returning home.  I’m enjoying experimenting more with fresh foods and am feeling fantastic.  I know without a doubt that I will maintain the changes I have made to my diet as a result of the weekend and will continue to learn and implement more along the way. 

For me, the weekend was more than just about food.  It was an opportunity to learn more about myself through conversations with you and the time and space to reflect.  Friends and family noticed from the very next day how bright my skin looks, how my body shape has changed, and how calm and content I am.     
I honestly believe that the retreat has changed my life.  Thank you so much for that.  I'm looking forward to returning in the not-to-distant future!

Tanya Chikritzhs
Perth, Western Australia

Thank you for being such a wonderful host.  I got so much out of the weekend and I still feel energized.

It was a really important reminder for me about how I used to live once upon a time when I was younger and paid serious attention to my health. I’m not sure what happened over the last 10 yrs, I think I had kids and then everything went pear shaped!

The kids have been having a ball with the slicer, it makes fab spirals of carrot and apple works too - its had the immediate effect of doubling the amount of raw food on their dinner plates!

Sarah Hopkins
Perth, Western Australia

I have just returned from the most amazing and relaxing weekend retreat in Dunsborough.  Jen lives on a raw food diet and offers her expertise in how people can integrate elements of her philosophy and lifestyle into their own lives to improve their overall health and wellbeing.  She offers a unique and varied approach to retreats, which can include juice fasting or be as simple as getting back to nature and experiencing deep rest.

Over the weekend, we were blessed with the weather so we were lucky enough to swim every day and watch whales frolic in Yallingup Bay.  Jen’s house is so beautiful with 180 degree views of Geographe Bay that it was easy to while away the afternoon just reading or simply doing nothing at all…

Every morning we started the day with meditation and then a yoga class taken by the lovely and talented Jess.

The home grown organic vege garden provided fresh local produce for all of the delicious raw meals and smoothies that we made and sampled over the time.  Jen demonstrated various different “raw” recipes that we could make easily and simply at home, including a most delicious chocolate mousse made with avocado, cacao and dates.

I returned home completely refreshed and invigorated something I sometimes don’t feel after a weekend.  I am looking forward to going back to Jen’s place to do a Juice fast and will try to spend at least 5 days down there.

click here to visit Sarah's website and read the full article with photos

Julie Vlahov
Perth, Western Australia

Thanks Jen for a great holiday.  We love staying at your place.  It is so peaceful, comfortable and easy to just relax and focus on learning how to live a better way.  Also thank you for introducing my children to juicing and almond milk.  Your tasty recipes certainly helped but we have continued juicing at home, experimenting with both fruit and vegetables and my kids also enjoy making almond milk which is lots of fun!  We are looking forward to returning sometime this year.

Again thank you.


Mel Ross
Perth, Western Australia

Thank you Jen for an eye opening and relaxing weekend.  What we learnt from our weekend retreat was some solid foundations that we can utilise in everyday living when we returned home, as well as tools in overcoming any obstacles, while maintaining our new revived healthy lifestyles.

The food was amazing!  And we have continued to experiment since being home.  Our pantries have changed considerably!

You are a fantastic and approachable host and I look forward to continuing our journey with your guidance.  The added bonus of experiencing yoga for the first time has also planted a seed that I hope with be another life long journey.

Debbie & Sarah Edwards
Perth, Western Australia

Sarah and I had a really wonderful weekend.  It was an experience we will never forget and one I hope we will draw upon over time.

Its hard to believe that it was only 2 days.  It feels very surreal and your world is very different to the reality of mine.  I do believe I have come back with a calmer view and today as I started to grip that steering wheel - took a few deep breaths and talked myself into slowing it right down.

A good sign today … Sarah told me she is craving the greens!  The DVDs had a big impact on her as she can now see the relationship between what you eat and good health.

Until our paths cross again – which I am sure they will.  Thankyou again for a beautiful weekend and being so generous in sharing your lifestyle with us.

Lisa Martley
Safety Bay, Western Australia

Thank you for all my lovely experiences during the retreat Jen.  I came away feeling a very different person to the one I was when I arrived.  I'm enjoying a wonderful inner glow right now.

It's all quite fun and exciting making these changes.  You taught me many things over just a few days!


Lynda McLeod
Perth, Western Australia

Thanks so much for all Jen.  We all thoroughly enjoyed everything.  It certainly exceeded my expectations and Ruby & I went to Organic on Charles & stocked up on supplies.  Shortly I'll go make myself a blended salad for my evening meal.

My experience of the weekend would indicate that your business venture will prove to be very fruitful.  Really I think all of your hard work & preparation is and will reap just rewards.

Ruby Winkless
Perth, Western Australia

Thank you for a wonderful weekend Jen.  Thank you for the lessons and your time and care.

Kate Hudman
Bunbury, Western Australia

Thankyou for yesterday - I am so glad I met you, spending some time with you was certainly inspiring and has helped me to focus on the direction I want for myself.

You speak with such clarity and make a lot of sense! I aim to transform some of the things we talked about into my life.


Trish Keenan
Perth, Western Australia

My name is Trish and I'm Jenny's Mum.  I have much to thank Jenny for.  She has helped me develop a greater awareness of how I can support my body’s natural healing ability while I have been facing a number of health challenges over the last 4 years.  My husband and I have both made significant changes in our lifestyle.  In particular we eat a lot more raw foods and enjoy a green juice each morning.  Jenny has encouraged and supported me all the way along in my journey towards better health.

I have particularly enjoyed staying with her.  It is always such a relaxing and energising time for me.  I come home feeling peaceful, inspired and recharged.  The beaches down there are my favourite, and I love being able to pick the greens from the garden for our morning juice.

Peter Keenan
Perth, Western Australia

Hi, my name is Peter and I am Jenny’s father.  I recently retired at age 65 and was generally very healthy for my age.  I was however a little overweight and some of my vital signs were going in the wrong direction, such as my blood pressure which required medication to keep it within acceptable limits.

Around the time of my retirement my wife Trish was quite unwell and Jenny recommended that she would benefit from including a high proportion of plant-based raw food in her diet.  This she decided to do, so in support I decided to do likewise.

I noticed that I was gradually starting to lose weight, and over a period of twelve months lost twelve kilos.  I also noticed that I was feeling more energetic and was frequently told I looked very much more healthy.  At an annual checkup with my GP he advised I did not need to continue with blood pressure medication any longer.

Three years have now gone by, and whilst not fanatical, I still maintain a good balanced high-raw diet without even noticing. I find my system has adjusted and indeed if I do eat junk food I feel the effects.  It really is quite easy.  I feel if I can do it, pretty much anyone can.

I previously took my good health for granted but am a little more conscious now that small changes in lifestyle will maybe help me maintain my health longer.  It’s something we are all very conscious of in this day and age.

Both my wife and myself are very grateful for the help, advice and support that Jenny was able to give us.