Sonja’s nut pulp macaroons recipe

Not sure what to do with your left-over nut pulp from making Almond Milk or some other Nut Milk?

Here's a sweet idea ...


Makes about 9 medium macaroons

1 1/2 Cups    Dessicated coconut            

1/2 Cup         Nut pulp (almond is the most often used but other nuts work too)

1/2 Cup         Medjool dates (pitted) – about 6 depending on size

2                    Vanilla beans (cut along the side and scrape the seeds out)

1 Tbsp           Coconut oil or more if the mixture seems dry



  • Lightly blend (using the pulse function works best so you don’t over blend) all ingredients together in a food processor or Thermomix.


  • Use an ice-cream scoop to scoop out and shape macaroons.

Chill and enjoy!


Please note – you can freeze the nut pulp before using it to make the macaroons, but you will then need to add more moisture to the above recipe in the way of coconut oil.

You can also freeze the macaroons if needs be.


Variations - for chocolate macaroons add raw cacao powder


Recipe courtesy of my friend Sonja the raw food chef in Dunsborough (also travelling) - website coming soon













Enjoy making use of your nut pulp!

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