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Want to learn to meditate? ... but think your mind is too busy?

I first began meditating nearly 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.  It was foundational in helping me get well and has continued to be a great support for me.
Over the years I have heard this from people all the time …

  •  ‘I tried meditating once but I couldn’t stop my thoughts’

  •  ‘I can’t meditate.  My mind is way too busy’

  •  ‘I would like to meditate but don’t have time’

Does this sound like you?
If so, you might be surprised to hear that it’s ok to have thoughts when meditating.  It is the nature of the mind to think.  Just like it is the nature of the eyes to see.
You can’t stop your thoughts by thinking more thoughts or using effort.  If you want to experiment with that, spend a few minutes right now trying and see what happens.  Good luck!
So meditation is not about trying to stop your thoughts.  Thoughts can drop away naturally as a side effect of meditation though.
This happens because meditation helps shift your attention from thinking you are your thoughts, to realising you are the one listening to your thoughts.  Just like when you listen to a radio station, you are the one listening, not the actual noise playing through the speakers.
In that way the tight grip we often have on our thoughts begins to loosen, and the thoughts lose their power to take over our lives and cause stress, pain and suffering.  Our attention moves from our thoughts to our real essence that lives in the present moment.  Where true peace, contentment, happiness, relaxation, harmony and connection reside.
So much confusion, pain and suffering in our lives boils down to this case of mistaken identity.  Believing we are our thoughts and not realising or experiencing any connection to what naturally exists and patiently waits for us beyond our thoughts.
Meditation is a practice that helps to settle the nervous system and mind, allowing our awareness to expand and encompass more of our true nature.

The stress of modern day living, and believing we are our thoughts, means that most people are living with their nervous system constantly in the fight or flight response.  Meditation releases stress from our nervous system and activates the rest and digest, or relaxation response.  This has many and varied benefits and allows healing and transformation on so many levels to occur.
You’ll only experience the many benefits of meditation by actually doing it regularly though.  Just like you need to exercise if you want to get fit.
I am passionate about helping people develop their own regular meditation practice and understand why it has the power to change the quality of their day to day life.  I am now offering Meditation & Mindfulness courses, classes, retreats, coaching and Corporate Programs in Perth.  I am willing to travel to regional WA if there is a group interested in having me visit.
I look forward to meeting you and sharing this new adventure

Jen xx

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