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Introducing Green Smoothies and quick links to learn more

15 Green Smoothies videoGreen Smoothies are a fabulous way to get more greens into your diet.

They are made by blending fruit, green leaves and water.

The ultimate fast food that is yummy, nutritious and very satisfying.

Many people have experienced great health improvements just by adding a green smoothie a day into their life.

Green Smoothie AppVictoria Boutenko and family, also known as The Raw Family, continue to do great things spreading the green smoothie message around the globe.  Here is a quick list of links to resources on their website so you can learn more about green smoothies ...

watch above video 15 Green Smoothies in 3 mins in new window

visit the Start Green Smoothies page on their website

which includes a great article about the Abundance of Protein in Greens

Access the Green Smoothie recipe App for your computer or phone while you are there.

To learn more about the best tools for making Green Smoothies click here